Business Health Check:

Our primary function is to help you solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve your business performance. Every assignment will start with a Business Health Check, reviewing your business plans, profit and loss account, cash flow and balance sheet, identifying areas for improvement.


Working with you and your team to develop best in class reporting procedures so as to improve profit, reduce cost and identify additional opportunities. Management information should be clear, concise, timely and appropriate to the needs of the users. Good quality reporting can only be achieved with good quality processes, procedures and internal controls. As required, we will help you to create profit centres with the intention of improving analysis and increasing profitability.

Cash Flow Management:

The life blood of any business. Poor quality cash management will impact upon all areas of the business. We will work with you and your team to improve planning, communication and effective team management of the cash situation and will work with your bank and other lenders so as to improve their confidence in you and your business.


An increasing chore that will never go away. As well as ensuring that you meet your obligations, we will work with your external accountants and other advisers to ensure that you maximise all available tax breaks and allowances both for the company and it's shareholders.

Long Term and Exit Planning:

Often a difficult area for any business. It's tough enough to plan for next year, let alone 5 or more years in advance. But almost without exception, the best companies have a clear view of where they want to be in the medium term. And like death and taxes, at some point, every owner will be exiting their business either via a sale, a gift, a bequest or liquidation. The earlier that objectives are identified and plans agreed, the greater the value that is likely to be achieved.

Trusted Business Partner and Confidant:

Possibly as important as any other service. Although part of the business, your part time Finance Director will be in a unique position to fulfil the role of a trusted business partner and confidant, challenging preconceptions, testing resolve and supporting the CEO/MD in some of the more difficult decisions that face any entrepreneur. 

Coaching and Mentoring:

Maybe it’s a newly appointed Director or an inexperienced controller. We will engage, challenge and inspire, encouraging our colleague to stretch, reaching the standards they aspire to attain.