Case Studies

Niche UK Manufacturer:

"NM" are an impressive family company that is aiming to grow significantly over the next few years. Constantly seeking additional improvement, we are working with the management team to improve reporting and increase cash retention to support the imaginative plans for growth.

Engineering Company Sale:

“EC” was a fourth generation family owned engineering company with a diverse shareholder base, most of whom were descendants of the original founders. The business employed professional managers with family members holding non-executive board positions. An overseas competitor was offering to purchase the whole of the share capital for cash and the “employed” executive Directors were recommending acceptance, but also expecting an incentive to complete the sale. The family Directors wanted support and advice in considering the offer, incentivising the management team, communicating with shareholders, overseeing the sale including the due diligence process and the negotiations around the Sale Purchase Agreement. The sale was completed, albeit with a significant retention against performance. At the completion of the performance period, claims were negotiated and agreed and the sale completed at a final price in excess of the shareholder expectations. Individual shareholders were introduced to tax advisors to mitigate their individual tax exposure.

Property Management and Development Company:

Advised the management, as they purchased “PMD” from a larger group. Established the processes and procedures and are working with the management team to develop a long term strategic plan to develop their portfolio during difficult trading conditions.

HR and Outplacement Consultancy:

“HRO” had a number of contracts supplying outplacement services to various plc’s and quasi government agencies. A senior employee diverted a significant contract which placed "HRO" in a difficult financial position. Advice was taken from an insolvency practitioner, costs were reduced, the business was relocated and additional finance was introduced.