Additional Services

Although we are happy to accept management responsibility for Finance, IT, HR, Property Management, Fleet Management, Logistics & Warehousing, Inventory Management, Product Pricing, Health & Safety, Legal and Compliance, there will be times when it will be appropriate to seek additional guidance and or advice. Where ever it is sensible and/or reasonable, we will endeavour to work with your existing advisors. When that isn’t appropriate, or in the absence of existing advisors, we will introduce you to strategic partners with whom we have developed existing relationships. And to make that choice easier, we endeavour to maintain relationships with more than one specialist in any given area, so that you are able to choose the advisor that suits both your personality and your business needs.

Examples of specialist strategic partners include accountants, tax specialists (personal, corporate and indirect), lawyers, bankers, corporate and other finance specialists, business coaches, HR consultancies, leadership coaches, PR and marketing consultancies, IT consultancies, SEO specialists, training consultancies and various other support services and consultancies.

& where we don’t have an established relationship, our extensive network can normally give us direct introductions supported by personal testimonials. Whatever the problem, we would expect to be able to find a specialist to offer help and guidance.